Our story

Eleve Health is the world’s first mass distributor of Hyperbaric Chambers and quality, elite, health optimization therapies. A leader in the Health & Wellness Field, we are a unique brand that represents Wellness, Social-Media, Sports and Pop Culture. Our products include Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), Vibro-Acoustic Therapy (VIBRO), and Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT).

We are passionate and committed to educating and bringing awareness about innovative health solutions and their benefits to the masses. We are proud to provide 5-star service and technologies that naturally enhance the body’s own ability to heal itself. Our mission is to spread the word about the benefits of these life altering technologies and make them available and accessible to all.

ÉLEVÉ, a French word, simply means elevated. We aim to inspire people to elevate their game, elevate their health, elevate their mind & elevate their life!

Our vision

Our modern lifestyle is full of exposure to all kinds of pollutants and toxins; our schedules are so busy that often we make poor eating choices and it affects our health.

We spend our days indoors, away from the benefits of the sun and the earth’s naturally occurring electromagnetic fields. We don’t exercise. The state of health in our country is declining, and conventional medicine often does not have adequate solutions.

We spend more money per capita on healthcare than nearly every nation on earth, but rank poorly when compared. At Eleve Health we are passionate about bridging this gap between dollars spent and successful long-term outcomes by providing technologies and services that naturally boost the body’s energy production, and enhance the body’s own ability to heal itself.

The need already exists, HBOT is a widely known protocol amongst the medical profession, however, the challenge historically has been access to high-pressure chambers.  For those practitioners fortunate to house high-pressure chambers within their practice or hospital system, the wait time and availability for patients has been problematic.  Until now…

At a rapid pace, our objective is to partner with medical professionals of all disciplines to include those that practice; wound care, orthopedics, neurological, cosmetic, and more. 

Let us help out!

Have any questions about our products, working with us, or just feeling curious? Connect with one of our experts and let us show you what Eleve can do for you and your health.

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